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“Self-pity” is a terrible middle name

What’s more fun than a burlesque show? That exuberant extravaganza of extra flashy outfits that cover all of 2% of eccentric performers’ bodies? Fire jugglers, acrobats, pole dancers mixed with good measure of electric swing and bass-rich club music – now THAT’S an adventure! Unlike Don Quixote, still fighting against the windmills of exotic dancer’s swirling nipple-tassels, one sips the sweet “rum-and-coke” and realizes that this is not where they’d like to be at the moment. Besides, this drink has  too much coke and not nearly enough rum in it.
2017Despite the craziness of roaring 20’s Gatsby-style party, the feeling of being alone washes over, hugging like an old friend. It whispers in one’s ear: “You’re alone here. Everyone you hold dear, all the people you would like to share this moment with, are a world away. Your phone is dying and you cannot send videos of twerking performers to your friends any more. Not only that, but your dear ones will also never ever be gathered in one place, as they are scattered across the wide world. Oh, and your nachos are soggy.”

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